As we have seen in our article on hygiene and the lack of toilets there is a huge shortage of toilets and healthy sanitary solutions.

The poor sanitary conditions in rural areas and villages really affects everybody. The toxic human waste is carried around by animals and insects, who in turn infect the crops. The same crops that are supplied to the entire country.
This is how diseases spread, we can take all the precautionary measures we want, but we can’t do anything about the diseases carried to us this way.

The governments need to pay more attention to giving the larger part of population their basic rights. The lack of toilets, poor sanitary conditions and the lack of pure water causes an economy of a country to suffer great losses. India for one lost 24000cr just because of poor sanitary conditions.

According to toilet reviews the best sanitary conditions today are flush toilets for sewage systems or septic tanks, but in underdeveloped countries we also see flush toilets that lead elsewhere (or should I say nowhere..).

We see the worst situations in shared facilities with open defecation, something that shouldn’t be necessary in today’s world. With a little help and guidance we should easily be able to improve hygiene in the poor countries.