The way of doing business has dramatically changed – thanks to the rapidly evolving and progressing communications media platforms. Plus, innovations are of course ongoing as we speak. It looks like humanity is as insatiable as ever. In the past, meeting and conferences would only take place in cold conference rooms.

Now, you can easily conduct team meetings and online conferences using the many web-based platforms available today; including some free VOIP platforms. Besides, most businesses have largely benefitted from the big savings they can make by simply using free VOIP data or conducting seminars, trainings and more in a paperless environment. The amount of time too that you can save using such online communication tools is just tremendous.

Change, and even more change

Amidst these many types of online interfaces that we can now use and apply, you can only expect for further technological innovations that will be coming out very soon. Platforms such as videos, Voice-over-internet-protocol, social networking, online marketing, and cloud-computing technology, will just continue to amaze us at how powerful the so-called Internet technology can do for the modern man.

Bottom line is there’s no way but up for technology. With the rate of progress that it is now showing, we are very sure that there will be more communications devices and interfaces that will crop up to serve what the modern population demands.

All we know is that we are witnessing more each day when it comes to online communications. And we might have thought once that communicating via the World Wide Web was only reserved to emails… until various web-based communication platforms, such as social media sites and online conferencing came to life.

Looking at how fast change has been for online-based communications, we could only brace ourselves for more. At least no matter what, we know that it is going to be handy and convenient.

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The world is suffering from an evil of poverty. Sure, there are progressed nations in the world but the majority of the world population remains poor. About three quarters of the world’s population lives below the rate of poverty.

Underdeveloped countries that are facing this evil are having a hard time trying to survive. South Korea is one of these regions, and even though it’s not one of the least developed countries, it has to face difficulties due to extreme climate changes.

South Korea is located around 43. north latitude and has four distinct seasons, but the winters are extreme and very long due to cold winds from Siberia and Manchuria. The severe winters cause rivers to freeze over for three to four months and snowfall to lie for long periods of time. Korean people have to fight for their survival.

Due to these severe winters the water freezes over and people have difficulty doing their daily chores. Bathing water and drinking water has to be heated over stoves, the Koreans do not have the facilities of centrally heated water like other developed countries in winters. Farmers have difficulty feeding and washing up after their cattle.

Is there something to be done about this problem? It seems so, but I’ll leave that for another post.