According to a survey some time ago, the number of cell phone users in the year 2000 were around one billion. As as of last year, this percentage has increased fivefold, and this tremendous increase in users is mainly recorded in the underdeveloped countries. There was this time when only some members of the elite class had access to this luxury. Now every other kid has a cell phone. From a thirteen year old to a ninety year old, life is unimaginable without a cell- or smart-phone.

Mobile phone companies are benefiting hugely from this sudden boom in business. This upswing of cell phones has led the poor countries to generate revenue. It has made their lives faster and easier, making businesses more successful and more efficient.

But where will it all go?
That’s what I’m wondering lately.

Will computers and automated communication ultimately make human life redundant?
It may sound strange, but over time, I believe it will.
And although we will still be here, I have no idea what we will we be doing.

In this day and age, mobile phones have quickly become more of a necessity than a luxurious accessory. Ever since the release of the first ever bulky cellular phone device (thanks to Dr.Martin Cooper of Motorola – who invented the very first modern-age mobile telephone device), cell phones have now become our day to day companion, which are sleeker and handier in terms of size and functions. Staying in touch with our family, friends, and office colleagues has never been this easy and speedy!

But more than a text and talk gadget, how did cell phones revolutionize the way people connect, socialize, interact, or even live and work?

A pocket-full of amenities rolled into one

If there is one single adjective that best describes today’s mobile phone, it is “multipurpose”. With the countless tricks and things that we can now do using but a pocket-sized computing unit, it is simply a pleasant showcase of versatility. Mobile phones in the past could only allow you to place or receive calls or send SMS messages.

But these days, your smartphone can serve virtually all of your communication needs locally and internationally! And not just by simply talking to someone via voice data. You can now also send and receive emails, access all sorts of information via the Web, watch movies, listen to music, and utilize all the other media platforms that you can easily perform using your mobile. Not to mention tons of existing (and still to come) phone apps these days. And you can literally do all that anytime, anywhere.

The other side of the coin may not be as good

The significance of cell phones in today’s living is indisputable. Immense (and maybe still unknown) changes that this cool piece of invention may bring in the future may also be unstoppable. For now we could only hope that this brings people in the world closer and closer in the most positive way.

All we know is that we are witnessing more each day when it comes to online communications. And we might have thought once that communicating via the World Wide Web was only reserved to emails… until various web-based communication platforms, such as social media sites and online conferencing came to life.

Looking at how fast change has been for online-based communications, we could only brace ourselves for more. At least no matter what, we know that it is going to be handy and convenient.

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