In our American society we are all used to a good bed, nobody likes to sleep on a thin mat anymore. But this isn’t the case in all countries, I have seen plenty of houses without a bedroom. And it isn’t uncommon to sleep in the living room together with your 3 sisters, 5 brothers and your parents.

This is why I like the recent project in Uganda to give people a bed, where people could get a single regular mattress or a queen size air bed. Personally I would have opted for a regular mattress (an air mattress can start to leak), but there were only so many regular mattresses and people were given repair kits together with the air mattresses.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about giving people the opportunity of a good night’s sleep, but at first this just seemed wrong. You want to help people with an airbed?!
So after a couple of air bed reviews I decided to purchase one myself and try it out, and I have to see I’m convinced, these are very decent beds.

I have heard of a re-launch of the project in Kenya, so I can only hope they will find enough sponsor to get it done. Everyone deserves a good bed.

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