To lead a healthy life, it is very important that the air we breathe in is pollution free and of good quality. Clean air is essential in maintaining the balance of life.

The term ‘quality of air’ means clean, clear and un-polluted air. Now, the quality of air depends on many factors, a small change in temperature for instance can affect the quality of air greatly.

smogRising temperatures have a huge impact on air quality, they can worsen the amount of smog pollution. We all know smog is produced when air reacts with pollutants like smoke from traffic, factories and other sources, but what few people know is that this process is quickened by the presence of sunlight / high temperatures. The higher the temperature and the more sunlight, the more the pollution and worse the quality of air.

On top of that, urban areas have a higher temperature than the rural ones. Temperature changes lead to even higher temperatures, which in turn leads to high electricity consumption and even more pollution. The best we can do to save ourselves from this ever increasing pollution is to stop spreading it ourselves, but that’s a difficult task for which we require state and/or government help.

Indoor vs Outdoor Air Quality

But since air is present all around us, whether we are indoors or outdoors, air pollution can’t be termed as an outdoor problem only. Air pollutants can easily seep in and contaminate the air we breathe in our homes.

smogSo the other solution we have is to use air purifiers which will keep the indoor climate comparatively pollution free. Air purifiers are used to remove dust and contaminants from the air that are particularly harmful to people who have allergies or asthma, but it can also reduce the danger of any second hand smoke we might be getting.
In order to get best air purifier for your needs, you might need to check a few air cleaners for their efficiency rating. The better the rating the better the purifier. After all, as they say, health is wealth!

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In our American society we are all used to a good bed, nobody likes to sleep on a thin mat anymore. But this isn’t the case in all countries, I have seen plenty of houses without a bedroom. And it isn’t uncommon to sleep in the living room together with your 3 sisters, 5 brothers and your parents.

This is why I like the recent project in Uganda to give people a bed, where people could get a single regular mattress or a queen size air bed. Personally I would have opted for a regular mattress (an air mattress can start to leak), but there were only so many regular mattresses and people were given repair kits together with the air mattresses.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about giving people the opportunity of a good night’s sleep, but at first this just seemed wrong. You want to help people with an airbed?!
So after a couple of air bed reviews I decided to purchase one myself and try it out, and I have to see I’m convinced, these are very decent beds.

I have heard of a re-launch of the project in Kenya, so I can only hope they will find enough sponsor to get it done. Everyone deserves a good bed.

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It’s good to know that there are groups and organizations that have been exerting efforts to help provide people in poor countries to have free access to clean water resource. It is also important to recognize that their effort also requires the active involvement of residents in a certain area or community. This means that close monitoring of activities that may affect the overall condition of the environment is critical.

Let’s remember that the most fundamental way of having safe drinking water is to save the water resource from contamination or pollutants. In other words, good hygiene and sanitation practices play a key role in providing potable, fresh water for your community.

Then again, recontamination may be possible. In which case, other water-treating devices can be handy. If you want to achieve the safest kind of water to provide to your loved ones, it is good to check out some water softener reviews and see how you can benefit from such water treatment technologies. It is good to know some of your options for purifying your own drinking water.

So I highly recommend you to find the best water filtration system for your home or, if that turns out to be too expensive, the best reverse osmosis system for point of use applications. We still see contaminated water in our society, but it’s relatively easy to combat the problem and improve the quality of your water. So why not use it?!

According to a survey some time ago, the number of cell phone users in the year 2000 were around one billion. As as of last year, this percentage has increased fivefold, and this tremendous increase in users is mainly recorded in the underdeveloped countries. There was this time when only some members of the elite class had access to this luxury. Now every other kid has a cell phone. From a thirteen year old to a ninety year old, life is unimaginable without a cell- or smart-phone.

Mobile phone companies are benefiting hugely from this sudden boom in business. This upswing of cell phones has led the poor countries to generate revenue. It has made their lives faster and easier, making businesses more successful and more efficient.

But where will it all go?
That’s what I’m wondering lately.

Will computers and automated communication ultimately make human life redundant?
It may sound strange, but over time, I believe it will.
And although we will still be here, I have no idea what we will we be doing.

The way of doing business has dramatically changed – thanks to the rapidly evolving and progressing communications media platforms. Plus, innovations are of course ongoing as we speak. It looks like humanity is as insatiable as ever. In the past, meeting and conferences would only take place in cold conference rooms.

Now, you can easily conduct team meetings and online conferences using the many web-based platforms available today; including some free VOIP platforms. Besides, most businesses have largely benefitted from the big savings they can make by simply using free VOIP data or conducting seminars, trainings and more in a paperless environment. The amount of time too that you can save using such online communication tools is just tremendous.

Change, and even more change

Amidst these many types of online interfaces that we can now use and apply, you can only expect for further technological innovations that will be coming out very soon. Platforms such as videos, Voice-over-internet-protocol, social networking, online marketing, and cloud-computing technology, will just continue to amaze us at how powerful the so-called Internet technology can do for the modern man.

Bottom line is there’s no way but up for technology. With the rate of progress that it is now showing, we are very sure that there will be more communications devices and interfaces that will crop up to serve what the modern population demands.

The subject of this post is something that came to mind when I was travelling through Asia, by train (an experience I can recommend to everyone). It was a large trip through several countries, and aside from the beautiful sights I came across there were a few countries that had less pleasant sights of waste and garbage that was collected everywhere but in a professional waste disposal plant. At times it was so bad that the smell of rotten food penetrated the train, which is probably the moment that this subject was born.

You see, it’s one thing that governments refuse to regulate waste disposal and choose to have their garbage laying on the streets, but what really strikes me is that people apparently live in these circumstances without any trouble and nobody seems to care about the waste and stink around them. You would think that somebody would stand up and start an organizations to get rid of the garbage, but no, it’s a thing that is commonly ignored by the whole population.

It makes me proud and happy that I live in a country with regulated waste disposal, and after reading some of the best reviews we can all help and do our personal bit for a clean environment.
And as I was travelling plans came to mind to help sell and install disposals in peoples’ sinks, but then I realized this would not work. It’s just not in their culture. I have even witnessed people walking by bodies without a sign of disgust, the lack of hygiene is so deeply rooted in their society that an approach like this wouldn’t help.

In my opinion there’s just one solution, and that is the government. They should first help build awareness, and then deal with the problem as soon as possible.

As you may have read here, cold climates pose problems on underdeveloped countries we can only imagine.
But one of the solutions offered to the Koreans is the tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters (also known as demand-type or instantaneous water heaters) provide hot water only as it is needed and they don’t produce the standby energy losses associated with storage water heaters.

Typically, a tankless water heater provides hot water at the rate of 2-5 gallons per minute. This rate might not be enough to aid your need of hot water being used for multiple purposes at the same time.

Like dishwashing and laundry. This problem can be overcome by installing separate heaters for different purposes. These heaters have helped many Korean families for whom the winters were the worst time of the year. Now thanks to the heaters they can get their small chores like dishwashing done as easily as they did in summers. The farmers can clean up their cattle. Women can get household chores done conveniently without much hassle. Without having to heat water in cauldrons every time a chore comes up. These heaters have made life easier for a South Korean.

See Beekz for more information on water heaters.

The prediction from the Mayan calendar may have gone wrong as we did not face the long dreaded apocalypse, but we should not forget that if we do not control our actions today, an impending apocalypse may not be very far. Water crisis is a growing issue that needs to be addressed immediately in order to turn the tide in civilization’s favor.

You may not know that your faucet can actually make you waste a lot of water. Especially if you own a faucet of the older variety then it is definitely contributing to end the world.
So how do old kitchen faucets waste water?
First, older kitchen faucets have wider openings which causes more water to gush out than needed. And second, older models are made from materials that tend to rust against water and thus create leakages.

The increasing water bills might have already given you the idea about the wastage and you may have already overhauled the whole plumbing system. But sometimes it is the smaller things like the faucets that cause most of the hindrances.

I understand not everyone has the money to buy the best kitchen tap of 2014, so here are a few tips that you should follow:

  • Immediately fix any leakage in your faucet the moment you notice dripping water.
  • If leaks continue to appear even after multiple repairs, change the faucet immediately.
  • Have a water softener installed to soften hard water and avoid leakage of faucet due to erosion.
  • Change the faucet if its opening is too wide.

You may think that all these measures don’t matter much, but you’d be surprised at the amount of water you can safe. Just try it, and help our planet as well as your wallet.

As we have seen in our article on hygiene and the lack of toilets there is a huge shortage of toilets and healthy sanitary solutions.

The poor sanitary conditions in rural areas and villages really affects everybody. The toxic human waste is carried around by animals and insects, who in turn infect the crops. The same crops that are supplied to the entire country.
This is how diseases spread, we can take all the precautionary measures we want, but we can’t do anything about the diseases carried to us this way.

The governments need to pay more attention to giving the larger part of population their basic rights. The lack of toilets, poor sanitary conditions and the lack of pure water causes an economy of a country to suffer great losses. India for one lost 24000cr just because of poor sanitary conditions.

According to toilet reviews the best sanitary conditions today are flush toilets for sewage systems or septic tanks, but in underdeveloped countries we also see flush toilets that lead elsewhere (or should I say nowhere..).

We see the worst situations in shared facilities with open defecation, something that shouldn’t be necessary in today’s world. With a little help and guidance we should easily be able to improve hygiene in the poor countries.

In this day and age, mobile phones have quickly become more of a necessity than a luxurious accessory. Ever since the release of the first ever bulky cellular phone device (thanks to Dr.Martin Cooper of Motorola – who invented the very first modern-age mobile telephone device), cell phones have now become our day to day companion, which are sleeker and handier in terms of size and functions. Staying in touch with our family, friends, and office colleagues has never been this easy and speedy!

But more than a text and talk gadget, how did cell phones revolutionize the way people connect, socialize, interact, or even live and work?

A pocket-full of amenities rolled into one

If there is one single adjective that best describes today’s mobile phone, it is “multipurpose”. With the countless tricks and things that we can now do using but a pocket-sized computing unit, it is simply a pleasant showcase of versatility. Mobile phones in the past could only allow you to place or receive calls or send SMS messages.

But these days, your smartphone can serve virtually all of your communication needs locally and internationally! And not just by simply talking to someone via voice data. You can now also send and receive emails, access all sorts of information via the Web, watch movies, listen to music, and utilize all the other media platforms that you can easily perform using your mobile. Not to mention tons of existing (and still to come) phone apps these days. And you can literally do all that anytime, anywhere.

The other side of the coin may not be as good

The significance of cell phones in today’s living is indisputable. Immense (and maybe still unknown) changes that this cool piece of invention may bring in the future may also be unstoppable. For now we could only hope that this brings people in the world closer and closer in the most positive way.